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Slip and Fall Attorney

Slip and Fall Attorney Savannah Georgia

All too often, people suffer serious injuries because a landlord, restaurant, store owner, apartment complex, business or homeowner failed to safeguard them from harm. In Georgia, these landowners have specific legal duties to protect tenants, customers, neighbors and members of the public who come onto their property. Such duties include keeping the floor clean from spills and other hazards, providing security when it's needed, making sure sidewalks are free of dangerous cracks and holes, ensuring that elevators and escalators are in good working condition, putting dangerous dogs in kennels or on leashes, and properly enclosing swimming pools behind fences. These duties would seem to be common sense, but unfortunately, they are often overlooked or forgotten. There have been too many cases where innocent, unsuspecting people have been badly hurt because the landowner has not done what the law requires. If you have been injured in a premises case, you may be entitled to past and future recovery for medical bills, lost wages, lost opportunities, pain and suffering, and in some cases, punitive damages.

The Lasky Cooper Law firm has successfully obtained substantial verdicts and settlements for clients who have suffered premises injuries. Our clients have tenants, hotel guests, and cruise ship passengers who were assaulted or raped, customers of restaurants, grocery stores and retail stores who suffered serious fall related injuries, as well as people who suffered injuries because a building was defectively constructed or its sidewalks were improperly maintained. We have handled many lawsuits regarding 'slip and fall cases' and have the experience you need to win your lawsuit.

If you have been injured and believe you may have a premises liability case, please call or email the personal injury lawyers at Lasky Cooper Law as we have the premises liability attorney for you. As with all of our cases, there is never a charge for the first conference and consultation.