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Personal Injury

Burns & Scars

Personal Injury Lawyer Savannah

Permanent burns, scars or disfigurements will be part of your claim for pain and suffering. The mental distress caused by such scars and disfigurements can have a devastating effect on a person's quality of life. This is a profound loss for which you should be compensated. Depending on the severity of the scarring or disfigurement you are left with, Lasky Cooper Law may retain an accident attorney on your behalf who will demonstrate the effect your scarring or disfigurement may have on your employability. Sadly, studies have shown that scarring or disfigurement may lessen a person's career opportunities and progression. You should be compensated for those lost opportunities and we provide the best personal accident lawyers to help you win your case.

Burn Website Links
American Burn Association
Burn care, research, teaching, rehab and prevention
Burn Foundation
A Philadelphia based not-for-profit organization that offers prevention tips and support
Alberta Burn Rehab Society
Site for burn survivors, team professionals, adults and children.
Burn Free
Burn related information and death statistics
International Society for Burn Injuries
Founded in 1965, this organization disseminates knowledge
Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation
The Burn Institute www.burninstitute
Shriners www.shrinershq
Cool the Burn
Educational website that offers a glossary and facts about burn injury, surgery and therapy.
Loyola University Medical Burn Center
Program that focuses on prevention, education, and research.
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions about the aftermath of being burned.
Burn Care
Classifications, characteristics and types of burns.


Accident Law Firm Savannah

Of all catastrophic injuries, spinal cord injuries are the most complex. A Spinal cord injury is an uncommon condition that has significant impact on the injured person's functional, medical, psychological and economic well being. Every year in this country alone, 8,000 to 12,000 people have a non-fatal spinal cord injury.

Paralysis is the inability to control the muscles that move the body. There are several levels of severity associated with paralysis, including paraplegia and quadriplegia. The paraplegic has lost the partial or complete ability to move his legs while the quadriplegic is partially or completely unable to move both his legs and arms. Axiomatic brain injury (stroke) and spinal cord injury are the major causes of paralysis. The extent of the paralysis depends on the severity of the stroke or the location of the spinal cord injury. Paralysis can be permanent or temporary. Although scientists are making progress, the prognosis for reversing long-term paralysis is very slim. Spinal cord rehabilitation requires comprehensive medical and therapeutic patient management. Most spinal cord injuries result in loss of sensation and function. Spinal cord injuries are caused 48% of the time by motor vehicle accidents, 21% by falls, 14% by sports (66% of which are caused in diving accidents), violence 15% and other 2%.

Amputation is defined as removal by surgery of an external body part, usually all or part of a limb. Amputation may be required when a limb has been severely crushed or following death in a hand or foot because of impaired blood circulation, infection, frostbite, burns, or arteriosclerosis. Some amputees feel painful sensations from the removed part, a condition called phantom-limb pain.

Our lawyers and staff at Lasky Cooper Law are trained to handle all issues associated with paralysis and amputation cases on your behalf. We will provide you with the best spinal cord injury attorney you can find.

Paralysis & Spinal Cord Website Links
Healthlink USA
Links to spinal cord websites to include treatment, cures diagnosis, prevention and support groups.
Christopher Reeves Paralysis Foundation
A merger of the American Paralysis Association Foundation and Christopher Reeves Foundation
SCI Network International
Information and referral services.
American Association of Spinal Cord Nurses
Only nursing organization devoted exclusively to promoting excellence in meeting the needs of SCI individuals.
American Spinal Injury Assoc.
Created in 1973 this organization is devoted exclusively to promoting the excellence in meeting the needs of SCI individuals.
Spinal Cord Injury Network International
Non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating access to quality health care by providing info and services to Spinal cord injured individuals and their families.
Foundation for Spinal Cord Injury Prevention, Care & Cure
Non-profit educational group dedicated to the prevention, care and cure of spinal cord injuries through public awareness, education and funding research.
National Spinal Cord Injury Association
Working to empower individuals and families with spinal cord injury issues to make informed choices and take actions to achieve their highest level of independence and personal fulfillment.
Paralyzed Veterans of America
Non-profit organization dedicated to educating and assisting spinal cord victims.

Lasky Cooper Law has a tremendous amount of experience in helping our clients who have suffered paralysis or amputations. We understand your pain, conflict, negative emotions and the sense of helplessness. We make sure our clients with these life altering conditions have access to the best specialist available to help them deal with their circumstances. We will help you focus on your financial future and recovery. We will work with you and your family to help everyone realize that your condition need not interfere in family, job, recreation and social activities.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Pooler GA Brain Injury Attorney

It is estimated that 8 million people sustain brain injuries each year in the United States. At least 2 million of those injured will be permanently impaired.

The long term affects of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) include cognitive deficits, and reduction in physical and psychological skills. Psychological status is also often altered and people suffering from traumatic brain injury often exhibit changes personality and lifestyle. These changes can be life altering and you need a brain injury attorney on your side that has the knowledge and skill win your case.

Our Savannah personal injury attorneys have had extensive experience in the area of brain injury law. If you or someone you know has suffered a brain injury feel free to contact us.

Brain Injury Website links
Brain Injury Society
A quick response service to all brain injured individuals
Head Injury Outline
Guide to head injury facts
Neurological Surgeons Association
Neurosurgical information online
Brain Injury Association
Provides information on prevention, treatment, rehab, resources, and support.
Neurology Journal
Oxford University Press journals
Provides information, resources, networking, and adovacy services to persons with brain injury and their families.
American Academy of Neurology
Neurology homepage.
Headway National Head Injuries Association
While you are waiting..
Provides information, personal stories, advice, info on medical professionals, resources and support.

Defective Products

Defective Product Attorney Savannah

Manufacturers, distributors and product retailers may be liable to users for damages or injuries suffered because of defective conditions. These cases are often complicated, and require the assistance of experts who can identify the defect involved and testify about it at the time of trial. Our firm has dedicated substantial resources to the pursuit of these complicated claims, and demonstrated the ability to obtain compensation for clients who have been seriously injured by defective products.

If you have been injured and believe you need a defective product lawyer, please call or email the personal injury lawyers at Lasky Cooper Law as we have the defective product attorney for you. As with all of our cases, there is never a charge for the first conference and consultation.