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Legal Verdicts and Settlements

$1.1 Million To Statesboro Couple After A Beam Struck Husband

A Chatham County State Court jury has awarded a Statesboro couple $1.1 million for injuries suffered in a job accident in Statesboro. J.O. Reid, 60, was awarded $975,000 for his injuries and his wife, Betty, 59, $125,000 for loss of her husband's companionship in a verdict returned by a jury of three men and nine women before Judge Penny Haas Friday night.

The damages were returned against Anthony Crane Rental of Georgia Inc., whose equipment was lifting the beam when the accident occurred. Reid, a supervisor with Sack & Co. of Statesboro, was working at Grinnel Plant in Statesboro when a 2,700 - pound beam being lifted by the crane struck his left leg, breaking it.

The Reid couple, represented by Lasky Cooper Law's lead litigation partner, Jeffrey w. Lasky sued Anthony Crane Rental of Georgia Inc., contending negligence in operation and maintenance of the crane. Lasky the crane malfunctioned after the operator let go of a lever used to stop the lift. Reid suffered injuries to his leg and knee, Lasky said, and will require a knee replacement. Reid's medical bills to date were $31,000 and his lost wages were $78,000 Anthony Crane's lawyers contended Reid's injuries were not as serious as he alleged.

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